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Quick MESS setup guide

Mini MESS guide: MESS is an emulator which supports a ton of machines.

MESS does not ship with the ROMs/BIOSes of the machines which it can emulate, they have to be sourced from somewhere else. MESS has a version number and the ROM packs on the internet has a version number too. The best is if they match, but it will likely work even if they mismatch. BIOSes are not enough for emulated computers/consoles, they need software/cartridges to run. MESS comes with built in lists of software for the systems and sw packages can be downloaded for the systems.

It is a command line tool, so a UI is recommended to drive it, plus it is a bit tricky to setup.

MESS will not work if the paths are no set up properly. ROMs/BIOSes are meant to be in the rom directory, softwares must be in the hash directory in a subdirectory which corresponds to the emulated system. Plus qmc2 has to have all the correct paths to these directories. There is a log in the bottom right of qmc2, but it only will tell you that something was not found, check the paths again and again and again.

Good Games

Good source of games to try: The Video Game Critic It is possible to order them by rating, like: Colecovision Most game’s manual can be found on

Games I liked: